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Welcome to the Industry’s First Program Celebrating the Contributions and Impact of Women in Marketing

We are shouting out the women among us who hustle from home, from the office, and every stop in between to exceed expectations. These are the women making names for themselves at companies spanning brands, agencies, and the b2b and b2c sectors. They are groundbreakers and ceiling shatterers. Creative visionaries and mentors.

 Get to know last year’s winners here.


Early deadline: September 26 | $275 each
Late deadline: October 3 | $425 each

To begin your entry proceed with the steps below. (If you already have an account or need to log in to complete your drafts, simply sign in on the left):

  • Select all categories you would like to enter in. All questions are the same for each category. (Note: the entry fee is per category. If you have any entry information you need to edit per category, you'll see an option to edit each individual entry before submitting payment).
  • Answer all questions to advance to the next screen.
  • Complete the entry questions and click SAVE AND NEXT.
  • Upload all supporting materials and select SAVE at the bottom of the page. Once saved click ADD TO CART.
  • Enter your payment information and then PROCESS to officially submit your entries.